Monday, November 30, 2009

Where's My T-Shirt?

I survived a week-long out-of-town trip with the twins--I deserve a t-shirt that says as much (wait, that's selling myself a bit short . . . I deserve a spa day and yes sweet husband you can have one too).

We had a wonderful time visiting my family. For the most part, the babies were fabulous (they get that from me, of course). Their bedtime routines were disrupted and we reverted back to middle of the night feedings during the trip, both were sleeping through the night before we left town.

Overall, the trip was a success and as long as our destination has at least 10 adults ready to care for the babies we should be fine for future travel.

Here's some highlights from our grand adventure:

Oma-ma & Finn reunited

This year's Christmas card photo (kidding . . . or am I?)

Mirabelle's one and only girlfriend, Naomi
(her Mama and I go WAY back . . . embarrassing high school photos and all)

My three favorite ladies posing for a photo at South of the Border . . . of North Carolina.

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