Thursday, November 12, 2009

Letter In The Mail

Earlier this week we received a letter in the mail from the fertility clinic asking us if we wanted to renew our annual storage on the remaining embryos from last year's IVF (holy cats, it's been a year already?). We ended up with 7 embryos, 2 of which are Finn & Belle, the remaining 5 are in cryopreservation (here's a link to last year's embryo update for those wanting some nostalgia).

To be honest, last year we were pretty cavalier about the whole storage process opting for the 'cross that bridge when we come to it' philosophy (currently staring at said bridge). At the time our embryos felt oddly scientific, clinically alien blobs that were neither here nor there; but now two of them are DEFINITELY here (all pensive stares and goofy smiles).

If we want to keep the remaining embryos we send a check immediately. If we don't want them, we complete a form regarding our wishes for disposal. Clearly this is the not-so-bright side of a successful IVF treatment.

Personally, I think dressing the babies for the appropriate day's weather is still most challenging.

Here are some recent pics of the love bugs:


Amanda said...

Awesome pictures. I was just thinking about what your future baby plans might be last night. I'm sure cyro-storage isn't the cheapest, but I vote for more Donovan babies in the future. You just make such GOOD ones!! :):)
Love and Support for any decision...

Zoo Keeper said...

I LOVE the second picture!!! Mirabelle is so serious and Finn looks like such a ham!!