Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rotten Dog

Well, it was bound to happen. We've been putting the dogs out on our screened-in back porch during the day. This is only temporary until we get a fence built for the backyard.

Looks like we are getting a fence built sometime in the next week or two. Lavender (it pains me to say her name right now) just couldn't resist whatever was in the backyard (either a cat or rabbit . . . no squirrel sightings at this house). Needless to say, she clawed a rather gaping hole in the screen.

Nothing like a phone call from an agitated wife to motivate oneself to get fence quotes (I hear someone is coming to quote us on Saturday).

So, to make myself feel better, I took some photos of my baby girl (baby boy was resting peacefully . . . and we all know NOT to wake a sleeping baby). This is my new meditation:

1 comment:

Zoo Keeper said...

aw hell - you're going to need that fence sooner or later anyway for the running tots that will take over your house sooner than you know it! ; ) might as well get it now while they still just lay there...