Sunday, January 31, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure

We've reached a new era in parenthood . . . the convertible car seat. Last week we realized our above average children (in height . . . for now) reached the maximum height requirements for their infant car seats.

To celebrate this new milestone we got drunk (kidding Grandma) and surfed the Internet looking for the cheapest, safest and coolest car seats with free shipping. We got lucky and scored some Euro-chic (i.e. compact and colorful) car seats with a high safety rating from Consumer Reports for 50% off the original price (one can only hope this is not a 'pre-mass-recall' discount).

Here's a video documenting the installation of our new car seats. It's short. Requires sound. Enjoy.


Katie Mathews Photography said...

You are hillarious! Love the video and the seats are so purty!

Lily said...

Euro-chic. hahah your a nerd.