Friday, August 20, 2010

If The Shoe Fits. . .

Yesterday's mission:  Shop for new 'back to school' shoes for the twins.  Of course, I'm fully aware of how ridiculous this sounds considering the twins have only been walking on this Earth for a little over 45 days.

Regardless, I want them to have some waterproof type shoes for preschool since the suede soles of their current Robeez can't handle early morning walks through wet grass.  However, since they've only been walking on this Earth for a little over 45 days, I don't want to give them hard sole shoes that could alter their continued foot development (see how difficult parenting can be when you over think every decision).

So, before I could begin the search, I needed to get their feet measured.  We drove to the ONE and ONLY children's shoe store in town:  Stride Rite (sadly, with a touch of irony, the owners are closing their store in a few weeks).  We measured the twins' feet and tried on what was left of the paltry shoe inventory (and somewhere the Patron Saint of Shoemaking  sheds a tear).

Finn was not happy with the shoe selection at all . . . or rather, Finn was not happy with the shoes period.  He tried on this shoe and after exploring the back stock room, while I helped Mirabelle get her shoes on, he then sat by my legs rubbing his feet on the ground, crying for me to remove them.  Since they were $50 I gladly obliged (I repeat THEY WERE FIFTY HUMAN DOLLARS for a shoe my child will out grow in roughly three months).  No wonder this store is going out of business.

Let's be clear about something, I'm crying on the inside at the moment.  Where is my candy land of shoe options?   Where is my place to look, touch, and smell rows and rows of tiny baby feet shoes?  Where is that place a mother can find the most stylish, yet developmentally sensible (because this house parents under the path of 'least guilty conscious') shoes for under $30?

Apparently that place is online.  After hours of researching various infant/toddler shoe companies I settled on a brand that is not endorsed by the American Podiatrist Medical Association (guilty conscious be damned).  A friend recommended I try Rileyroos.  They have  a more water-resistant leather sole than our current Robeez, with some added grip sections to slowly introduce the idea of walking with a harder soled shoe.  Let's not forget they are ridiculously stylish.

Lady Belle opted for the traditional Mary Jane in Cherry, following the golden rule of fashion accessorizing:  that which goes with nothing goes with everything.  She was going for the sporty, yet feminine, casual look.  The girl who can play with the boys but still drink tea with the ladies sort of look.

Mommy likes these shoes because the soles are extremely flexible (or so I'm told, since I could only virtually shop, half as satisfying).

Finn opted for the super cool Dakotas in Orange Swirl because he is not afraid of a little color.  Even though they were advertised for boys and girls, he's comfortable enough with his masculinity to rock these bad boys all over the playground this fall.

Mommy likes the part sandal, part sneaker construction for those hot summer days that will eventually turn into milder fall weather (a girl can dream).

Last but not least, we bought our new shoes from a website called  I must admit this is my new favorite place to buy shoes (sorry rest of the Internet).  Their prices were very reasonable and they offer FREE shipping with no minimum order required, NO sales tax and FREE returns.

After placing the order I received a $10 off coupon for all my 'friends' to shop.  If five people actually use this coupon I'll receive a $100 gift card (more shoes! more shoes! more shoes!).  While this little incentive doesn't fully replace the euphoria of actual retail shopping, it is a small consolation.  At least the mail box will be filled with more exciting items than blah blah bills and pizza flyers.

With that said, if you're in the market for some new fall shoes, check out my previous post.  It has a link to the $10 off coupon.  The website is also offering 15% off everything right now (swah-eet deal).


MadHatter said...

I've been trying to tell people for years that red shoes go with everything (since they pretty much go with nothing).....clearly your kid is a genius with rocking shoes. And I will have boxes and boxes of girl shoes always a size or two or four ahead of what M is wearing, I can send them with your fam. if interested.

emily said...

MadHatter: Yes! Please send any and all shoes. We ain't too proud to beg for hand-me-downs.