Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Called PRESCHOOL . . .

. . . not daycare.  There is a difference (I think).  Mainly, daycare costs more.   In actuality, there doesn't seem to be a right or wrong answer to which is better; but merely a judgement call by the parents.  Here's some interesting editorials on daycare vs. preschool.

Regardless, we're super excited about preschool in this house.  We went to the Open House  last night.  Finn was quick to jump into the action and play with the other kids, Belle was a little more bashful.

I'm sure there will be issues of separation anxiety, but this program is a great opportunity for the babies to learn social awareness skills, sing, dance, play and possibly learn table manners (one can only hope), and of course begin their educational journey with shapes, colors and numbers.

Here's where I lucked out being a twin mom.  I at least know neither child will be completely alone at school; if they get uncertain, they've only to look for their sibling.  Of course, this will eventually have it's drawbacks down the road . . . but really folks, why dwell on the negative?

First day of school is this Thursday!!  I've got to organize their backpacks (dead serious) with a change of clothes, diapers, ziplock bag, and extra shoes.  Then, at the end of every school day any important papers and artwork will be placed in their backpacks for me to review (yawn, for all you 'seasoned' parents out there).

Here's some pictures from Open House:

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