Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mommy & Me Time

It was bound to happen.  I was told early on in twin parenthood there would come a time when you'd struggle with dividing your attention among two very demanding children.  I never felt this mother guilt until recently.

Honestly, when they were infants I relied heavily on their short term memories, or lack thereof, to maneuver around the guilt associated with showing the demanding/needy child more attention over the other.  Unfortunately, my little monsters have now developed a new skill:  they can express more than three simple feelings (sleepy, hungry, angry).  Now there's needy, possessive, greedy, cranky, defiant, silly, selfish, and curious.

The hardest part is leaving the house to put them in the car and choosing who goes first.  It never fails, the one left behind stands dumbfounded for a few seconds, then begins to cry, followed by a pitiful dash to the laundry room door, where they struggle to reach for the door knob and finally, for the grand finale, fall into a pathetic heap of despair (eventually resurfacing in fifteen years as deep-rooted abandonment issues and 'mommy issues').

So, my new strategy is Mommy & Me time.  When possible, I'm taking just one baby out for Adventure Time.  This only works when I've got grandparents in town or it's the weekend and Dave can have some 'Daddy & Me time as well.

Last week, Lady Belle and I went to a yoga/storytime at the local library.  We met our good friend, and her daughter, there.  Afterwards we had an early lunch.  Fear not, Finn was spoiled rotten by Nana and has yet to realize I exist.

Belle with her girlfriend

Over the weekend, Finn and I had joined my girl, Aunt Ash, at a seaside restaurant for a late afternoon snack while Mirabelle show Daddy how to properly play with all her toys.  I'm not sure if they liked Mommy & Me time, but I did.  I think we'll continue this whenever we can.

Aunt Ash feeding Finn some Key Lime pie

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Zoo Keeper said...

It's great that you spend separate time with them! I always wondered how families with multiple kids managed relationships with each kid.