Monday, August 2, 2010

Still Chasing Boys

We drove to Myrtle Beach on Friday to reunite once again with The Gang.  These are the friends I've known for over 20 years (as if having children didn't make me already feel old, publicly associating myself with the number 20 surely does).

Anyway, twenty years ago we were chasing boys in junior high.  Twenty years later, we're still chasing boys . . . these just happen to be our own and an all together more pleasant experience since any tears shed were coming from the 'other team' as we pretended to roll our eyes this time around.

Meighan and her baby flew home for a little summer siesta (this time her baby was on the outside of her belly); so we all packed up the umbrellas, slathered the SPF 185 and carted our kids to the beach for a day of fun and sun.

I enlisted the support of my sweet friend Ash to help even out the adult/baby ratio.  Otherwise, our reunion would have been confined to a series of events involving high chairs and strollers.  Instead it was perfectly amazing.  Thanks 'Aunt Ash' for joining us and selflessly helping parent my children for the day . . . it was a true gift!

Word to the wise, if you smell a poopy swim diaper, change it immediately.  While this may seem obvious, unfortunately I learned it the hard way.

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Amanda said...

more on swim diapers...took me a while to catch on to this...the best way to remove them is to RIP the sides apart, not try to pull them down like regular underwear....that is all..psa over.