Monday, January 24, 2011

Eating Out Saves . . . Something

Just a quick update on the 2011 Resolutions:  Current count 5 for 11!  Almost halfway to the finish line--because doing something 'once' does count as 'regularly' since it's only January [insert cheeky grin].

Last weekend was Only Child Day for Finn & I.  We picked up Finn's new girlfriend 'Aunt Ash' and did some shopping, then enjoyed a relaxing lunch.

On Sunday, we all FINALLY went to church for the very first time as a family.  We dropped the twins off in the nursery--Dave & Finn both struggled with this transition (men!).  Then Dave & I enjoyed a wonderfully quiet, calming, relaxing (Dave would add boring) church service.  After that we headed out for lunch to celebrate the monumental occasion of being awake, dressed and out of the house before 2pm on a Sunday.

You see a trend . . . Emily likes to eat out--for so many reasons.  The main one being someone else gets the honor of cleaning up after my toddlers.  Because cleaning up after the twins often ends in hallucinations of raising swine.  Which couldn't possibly come from my gene pool, leaving Dave the sole carrier of these mutant genes.  Then the cycle of resentment sets in and suddenly spending $30 to feed a family of four in order to spare feelings of resentment seems ridiculously cheap.  Thus, eating out saves . . . my sanity.

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