Monday, January 10, 2011

'Preschool Prep Company Presents!'

Alright, last summer I begged the 'Universe' for portable DVD players to use on extended road trips.  I promised only to show educational DVD's and I kept 80% of my bargain (Belle just HAD to meet Belle from Beauty & The Beast).

For the most part, the twins alternate between two DVDs teaching them the alphabet and numbers.  These DVDs are a series from the Preschool Prep Company.  I found them at a local Learning Express Toys store and chose them because their covers displayed about twenty different awards (possibly all made up, but impressive to look at).

If you've been fortunate enough to ride in our party-mobile then you've possibly experienced the joy and wonder of these DVDs.  They gained such glowing reviews like (NOTE:  excessive exclamation points used to convey the intensity of emotions felt):

'This is about as exciting as watching grass grow!!!'

'How do you listen to this over and over again!?!"

'I don't like the repetition.  It's REALLY annoying!!!'

'Do you have anything more stimulating for them to watch!?!'

'I'll ride home in the other car . . . '

Well 'Haters', I'd like to inform you that my 18 month old children can now recognize and say their letters and numbers.  I have no idea what this actually means, as I've no clue how to teach them to apply this information usefully.  So, we'll just sit patiently on this little gem until someone explains the next step . . .


Holly said... you need the Leap Frog video called "The Letter Factory" which teaches the sound that each letter makes. Garrett watched that about 10 times one night when he had a babysitter, and picked it right up. He was reading when he was 3 1/2, with hardly any effort on our part. :)

Shannon said...

All I have to say is . . . Seven . . . seven. . . SEVEN . . . . seven. . . seven. . . seven . . . .seven. . . seven . . . You get the point right?