Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Only Child Day

We're 1 : 11 on the New Year's Resolution front, not bad if the goal is to accomplish one resolution per month (it's all about pacing oneself).  On Sunday, Lady Belle and I spent the afternoon together.  I 'whined' and dined her at the finest of luncheon spots (Sam's Club) and took her to the local zoo (Wal-Mart).

Apparently, I've done a stellar job of lowering the twins' expectations since the best part of our outing was carrying my little Lady to and from the car.  Don't get me wrong, she enjoyed every moment of Mommy's undivided attention, but specifically enjoyed viewing the world from the towering vista of Mommy's arms--rather than confined to the stroller.  I equally enjoyed stealing kisses and talking nonsense to anyone caring to listen.

Dave took Finn to do some man's man stuff (shoe shopping) and then stopped for a cup of joe at the bookstore, where I hear Finn was a big hit with the ladies.  Finn must have enjoyed his Daddy time, he spent the rest of the day saying 'shoe'.

Eating the best hot dogs $1.88 can buy.

Chillin' in her very own Walmart shopping cart with no 
pesky brother touching her side.

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