Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today we visited a local gymnastics facility for our morning activity.  Every Wednesday and Thursday morning the facility holds Open Gym for toddlers to explore the equipment and tumble around for two high octane hours.

Finn & Belle had a blast (so did Mommy).  Here's the video to prove it.

I think what Finn & Belle loved most about this place was the decided lack of flashy plastic toys (or maybe that was just me).  The facility was large and the various floors and mats were fun to climb, run, jump and bounce on.  Hands down, the best part was watching Finn & Belle chase each other while laughing hysterically.

My advice to all you toddler parents:  Google local gymnastic facilities in your area.  Most of them offer something like this for a small fee (it cost $5/per child for us).  In fact, I think my new favorite gift for any child turning two will be passes to Carolina Gymnastics Academy.

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