Friday, August 15, 2008

Applying for Residency in the State of Denial.

Well, today was a pivotal day for Clan Donovan (this may be news for Dave-- I can never tell).  We've 'officially' decided to start In Vitro (aka IVF) treatment to address our infertility issues.

Just what are our infertility issues?  Here's a brief history of our quest to start a family:

I discovered I had endometriosis.  I tried suppression therapy for a few years.

We did laparoscopy and the diagnosis was mild/minor endometriosis (the doc said my tubes, ovaries and everything else looked healthy.  Yea, Em!).  

Dave and I started trying to conceive around November 2006.

In August, my gyno recommended we try Clomid.  Clomid is a fertility drug, taken orally; it promotes ovulation of both ovaries.  We tried this for 6 months (the recommended trial period).  Apparently, if you haven't gotten pregnant within 6 month on Clomid, continued use of it will not increase effectiveness.

In April, we were referred to the REACH fertility clinic.  To my surprise, I was told I had Stage IV endometriosis.  During an ultrasound the doctor found 2 cysts in my left ovary, 1 cysts in my right ovary and a polyp in my uterus (for those of you wondering, Stage IV is the most severe form of endometriosis--boo, Em!).

In June, I did laparoscopy to remove the cysts and polyp (Dave was a champ for taking care of me).  Post surgery, my doctor wanted me to do 2 months of Lupron (a common suppression therapy drug) then move into IVF.  He said we had a 60% success rate doing IVF.

Not feeling completely comfortable with this decision (let's just be honest, I was trying to avoid IVF), I opted to try a 'clomid-type' drug for a few months in hopes of bypassing IVF.  The doctor said we had a less than 20% chance of success (then again, my sister told me 'it happens to someone, why not you?').

So here we are-- 2 months of fertility drugs later and no conception; a looming severe case of endometriosis that will only get worse with time and a possible 60% success rate if we bite the bullet and do IVF.

I made the call to my doctor today.  We are going to do IVF!  I'll outline what this means soon.


Stephanie - "Teppie" said...

Woohoo! You did it and it's awesome!!!!!

Kristy said...

I'll be praying for success with your in vitro!


Sarah said...

You go girl! There is a baby in the stars just waiting for the perfect time to land in your loving body. You have my full support and love in this! Sending prayers your way. xoxoxoxo Sarah