Friday, August 15, 2008

Vegas in a test tube?

Dave and I scheduled an appointment with the IVF coordinator for Tuesday.  This is a picture of the clinic we are using.  Basically our doctor will outline all the needles, pills, pokes and prodding I will undergo during IVF.  Most importantly though, we will meet with the financial counselor who will tell us exactly how much IVF will cost.  We expect it to be around $10K for one try.

Here's the mental dilemma. . . $10K is A LOT of money (if by chance you disagree. . . let's talk about you donating to our 'make a baby' foundation).  It's a lot to spend on one procedure that has only a 60% chance of success.  It feels like high-stakes gambling (did I mention I'm not good at gambling?).

I know if we have a successful pregnancy the point is moot.  But the morbidly negative side of my brain wonders how I will feel if we come up empty.  Obviously not something to dwell too much on right now. . . trying and failing is much better than doing nothing at all.

Thanks to all for such positive feedback!  More later.


Anonymous said...

I'll be sending you vibes on Tuesday. How exciting...A PLAN!


A. Hynes

Meig said...

Eeepp! Little Sears-Donovan is just a needle prick away! (Wait...that didn't sound right...)

Good luck you guys! And thanks for starting a blog. You are once again forging ahead for our group and providing inspiration. ; )

Charlie said...

Just always remember, when you come to a fork in the road...take it.