Monday, August 25, 2008

Graduate School Checklist

Just a brief 'To Do' list I created for my first day back at school:
  1. Be late to your first class (check)
  2. Get lost at least 3 times (check)
  3. Spend an egregious amount of money on textbooks (check)
  4. Get easily winded while walking across campus (check)
  5. Forget your umbrella on a rainy day (check)
  6. Haggle over $4 parking fee with minimum wage garage attendant (check)
Apparently every student at UNCC had an 11am class.  I knew parking would be bad, but I wasn't expecting it taking 30 minutes to find a spot (sorry Dr. Professor for being late).  I'm reviewing my public transportation options.  I can take the light rail and one bus to get to campus.  It's only an hour commute (which can be used reading a book and listening to my iPod while trying not to get mugged).

This morning I had Modern Latin America with a professor who reminds me somewhat of my dear friend Kammer (just not nearly as smart or funny as Kammer; but Dave and I both agree no one is).  I'm already doomed in this class; 5% of our grade comes from a geography quiz next Wednesday.  The professor warned us our spelling will be graded (there is a mutual disagreement between spelling and me).

My next class was Secondary School Experience.  The professor has some nervous tick where he snorts repeatedly.  It's a quiet snort but done in a rapid series of 3 - 4 at a time.  I mentally chastised myself for fixating on this (then promptly forgave self when he picked on a teacher who used to pause and say 'uh' repeatedly)

In fertility news, we meet with our doctor on Thursday.  We'll ask him any remaining questions we have about our specific IVF treatment plan and sign all the consent forms.  Still don't know how much it will cost us.  Haven't received the mailed quote yet.

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Dave said...

hey, wow, i got a blog shout out. cool. but for the record, ive given up on funny. now im into poignant.