Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When your dog's day is more eventful than your own. . .

Dave and I met with the IVF counselor today.  While slightly informative, it was more a baked potato rather than steak meeting.    I got my first shot of Lupron.  I will get my second shot the middle of September.  Along with Lupron, I'm taking the birth control pill, Yaz (as seen on TV!), until Saturday.  All of this is needed to suppress any leftover endometriosis from my surgery in June.  After my second shot of Lupron in September I will be ready to start our IVF treatment plan.

What is our IVF treatment plan?  (Good question, Emily)  Today we discussed the basics surrounding the treatment, but Dave and I still need to meet with our doctor to understand the details of our personal treatment plan.

So, how much will this cost you guys?  (Wow!  Another good question!)  The estimate is in the mail.  Apparently we will get a letter in 3 - 5 days which outlines how much our treatment plan will cost based on our insurance coverage.

The real winner today was Lavender!  She managed to catch a squirrel.  Here's a picture of our fearless wonder, looking out the window for more squirrels (post reprimand and banishment from the backyard).

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Marjie said...

Our cat got a squirrel last week, fortunately it is an outside cat.

Thank you for sharing.

Your friend,