Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What are the chances?

In case you were curious here are the posted pregnancy success rates at REACH (our fertility clinic) for 2006.  Of course, clause 11 of the IVF legal agreement has the following lovely statement:

"Even in normal fertile couples, the chance of pregnancy is approximately 25% in a given menstrual cycle."

These are numbers for IVF cycles using fresh embryos from non-donor eggs (that would be Dave and I) in women younger than 35 (REACH posts results for other ages, etc. on their website).  

Number of cycles in 2006:  285
  • 54.4%  cycles resulting in pregnancies
  • 46.1%  cycles resulting in live births
  • 51.3%  retrievals resulting in live births
  • 56.6%  transfers resulting in live births
  • 35.1%  transfers resulting in singleton live births
  • 36.8%  pregnancies with twins
  • 3.2%  pregnancies with triplets or more
  • 38.0%  live births with multiple infants
  • 2.1  average # of embryos transferred
What does all this mean?  Dave and I have a roughly 56.6% chance at a live birth using IVF.  Early on our doctor told us we had a 60% chance of success, so that's pretty close to the average.  

Looks like we have a 38% chance at giving birth to twins.  Not just fraternal, but possibly identical (Dave is totally pushing for twins).  Here's a cool BBC News article explaining why IVF increases the chances of identical twin births.  

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Shannon said...

PS - I vote for multiples also. Why not get the bang for your buck? Plus, Dave's a twin so you don't even need to get into the whole "We did IVF and ended up with twins" conversation - just need to say - "it runs in the family"!