Monday, December 8, 2008

But Who Will Take Care Of You?

More loving words from Mr. Wonderful when I told him I was going out of town next week to help Sarah take care of her new baby (personally, I think he's going to miss me).  For one thing, I provide entertainment and excitement, I'm a human space heater and sometimes I clean the kitchen and do the laundry.

On the pregnancy watch, the 'how-to-raise-twins-list-of-confounding-questions' is growing.  The latest question:
  • How does one go grocery shopping with infant twins?
I'm having a hard time finding cool websites with practical advice for expecting mothers of multiples.  Case in point, I've been pretty proud of myself for religiously taking prenatal vitamins.  Until I came across advice on a website suggesting some health care providers recommend increasing prenatal vitamin intake for pregnant women of multiples.  Of course I could do worse than undertake vitamin supplements (like breathing carbon monoxide by accident).

Surely all of these concerns are just normal early pregnancy jitters . . . right?

Kammer, Dave says 'thanks' and 'Bros before Hoes' in response to your comment about sandwich making.


Amanda said...

rollingonthefloorlaughing (i REFUSE to write rotfl) at "BROS BEFORE HOS* ah!HAHAHAHAHAHA....

Do we need some graphic birthing pics to inspire dave on the sandwiches??? You may need to post some around the house to remind him of which chore deserves more sympathy....

Meig said...

Yay, nine weeks!

Hmmm...let's shopping with could:

A. Get a double baby seat that straps into the cart.

B. Let Dave do the shopping.

C. Hire your dear friend at a fabulous salary to come be your Doula and let her stroll the babies and/or do the shopping.

All interesting solutions, but only C comes with the added entertainment feature and solves a host of other "how to's" with twins. I'm just sayin'.

Meig said...

Oh, and I almost forgot. It sounds like you've found a niche in the market for moms with multiples. Get started on your money making website, so that you can afford the exorbitantly paid Doula! :)

Sarah said...

I am so looking forward to seeing you next week! However, I hope that you will PLEASE honor me and Cullen by honoring yourself and your babies. If you have nausea or fatigue or anything, please stay home and pamper yourself. It is imperative to rest up during the first trimester. Think of ALL the neurological development. Besides, in a few months, WE get to start taking care of you with fabulous baby shower ideas, etc. For real though... Let the Emily spoiling era begin! xoxo