Monday, December 1, 2008

A Caveman's Guide To Pregnancy

Since Dave showed such an interest in my 'Fit Pregnancy' magazine, I thought we'd go find him a book of his own.  So, off to the bookstore 'we' went.  The 'we' being Dave reading comic books while I sorted through the Pregnancy & Family Planning section of the store.

Left to my own devices I opted for the less helpful but more humorous option 'The Caveman's Pregnancy Companion'.  To my utter surprise, Dave agreed to buy it and has been clandestinely reading it.

So far he's made it past the first chapter, which he said was 'insulting' and has since adopted a new approach to pending fatherhood dubbed:  'winging it'.  Personally, I think he's doing a wonderful job as a supportive and dotting husband.  From what I gather his favorite part of all this is bragging to his co-workers about how wonderful he treats me (I married a very modest man).

On a side note, Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We had 5 turkeys--including my Dad, 6 different desserts and a bazillion side dishes.  Luckily my food aversions were gone and I had the green light to eat all that yummy food.  Unfortunately, I'm sure I gained 5 extra lbs. that I cannot blame on the bambinos incubating in my belly.

I'm up for my second ultrasound on Wednesday!  Also hoping Dr Skywalker will tell me to stop the nightly progesterone shots (my backside is killing me--Dave is struggling to find a non-bruised surface to inject).

This is also the last week of classes for the semester.  I've got 5 papers and 2 major projects all due by Wednesday.  Instead of working on them, I'm procrastinating by talking to you folks.  Better get moving . . . 

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Meig said...

Better pace yourself, Dave. You've got to keep up this level of wonderful for 40 or so weeks, then STEP UP the wonderful even more when the babies come! Be sure you're regularly refilling that wonder cup. ;)

Em - I saw was GREAT! I'm a sucker for a good vampire story, though. The glittery skin was so cool. I can't wait to read the books now!

Good luck on your school work!