Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keepin' It Real

Yesterday I learned my all time favorite baby clothing store is going out of business--effective December 20th.  I found this out the shockingly hard way by visiting it for the first time as a FINALLY pregnant woman.

I was hopelessly sad.  I've been shopping at this store for 4 straight years buying OPBs (Other People's Babies) cute clothing and dreaming of the day I could legitimately shop for myself!  

So, wallowing in self-pity that fate could be so cruel, I decided to indulge in some premature infant clothing shopping (premature as in I have no business buying baby clothing right now).  I scooped up all I could find that looked gender neutral (the entire store was 50% off-- I didn't stay sad for long).  Of course, 50% off meant the clothing was now reasonably priced.  

Mr. Wonderful loved everything I bought (especially the teeny tiny socks).  He even told me to go back for more stuff if I wanted to (obviously he does not handle our finances, but the thought was super sweet).

In the end the experience was bittersweet.  There's no joy in shopping for twins when you don't know their genders.  If only modern science could tell me tomorrow what we're having so I can clear out the store before next Saturday.

While lamenting in my superficial misery, Kammer calls, notices I sound down and asks why.  I explain the baby store tragedy.  To which point he explains his dilemma.  

See, Kammer's getting married in June (to a perfectly wonderful lady, I might add).  A few nights ago the happy couple was watching the news profile small businesses struggling to survive the economic recession.  Turns out the business being profiled is the location for his wedding in June (not the kind of news you want to hear 6 months before the wedding).

Suddenly my baby store drama seems less impressive.  I can always shop online for my overpriced onesies . . . Kammer on the other hand . . . not so lucky.  

Ironically, the place Kammer is getting married just happens to be the same place the movie Twilight filmed their prom scene.  The View Point Inn is now asking all Twilight fans to donate $1 in an effort to keep the historical Inn in business.  

I encourage everyone (especially my fellow Twilighters) to visit the Inn's website and make a small contribution so Kammer's lady-love can have her dream wedding.  In turn, I will glue my feet to the ground and quit complaining about impractical infant fashion.


Meig said...

Save the Twilight Inn! Save Looby Loo!! Save the whales!!!

(and most of Em's twins from the Fashion Police! It's not their fault, they are the victims here!)

Amanda said...

Awww...LoobyLoo loss is tragic, but online shopping is a beautiful thing. :) Online REGISTERING is even better because OTHER PEOPLE pay! :)