Thursday, January 22, 2009

1 Down, 194 More To Go!

Dave took a business trip to China recently and asked me what gift I wanted brought back (tough question, isn't that just like shopping at Walmart).  After some careful thought, we decided to buy Wiz and Nug stuffed animals indicative of the Chinese culture.  

Since 2009 is the Year of the Ox and thus the Chinese birth symbol for Wiz and Nug, Dave went hunting for a stuffed ox (i.e. cow).  He is so proud of this little stuffed cow (I do believe this is the first official purchase he made on his own for the babies. . . sigh).  He also purchased a stuffed Panda!  

Now this is probably not the most original nursery idea; but it's more meaningful to us and hopefully the twins.  Our goal now is to collect unique stuffed animals from all over the world so we can tell Wiz and Nug where they came from and why each one is special. 
Ideally we want a collection from places we, or our loved ones, live or have visited.  I'll try and refrain from purchasing that really cool Owl made in Africa featured on GMA yesterday (since I've never been to Africa).

1 country down, only 194 more to go!


Meig said...

OMG! I love this idea. I want that panda! He's soooo cute!

I started a collection of stuffed softies for my future babes years ago. I've even got an "engagement bunny" that David and I bought in NYC at FAO right after we picked out my engagement ring. :) I'm such a dork.

Zoo Keeper said...

So, is there an animal for each kid from each place? I'm confused (long day - you gotta spell it out for me..) Does one get the cow and one get the panda??

It is quite a cute idea, i have to admit. David and I get cookbooks for ourselves when we travel. It can get quite interesting...

emily said...

just one animal from one place. this will be a 'family' collection' otherwise the nursery might become a fire hazard.