Monday, January 5, 2009

It's A Neeeeew Caaaaaar!

Dave and I have officially completed our civic duty to the dismal US economy and purchased a 'NEEEW CAAAAR' (insert theme music to Price Is Right).  We actually bought it two weeks before Christmas, I've just been lazy in posting about it.

It's the new Honda CR-V and we love it!  I never thought I'd be an SUV girl, but the gas mileage is good (my major concern when buying a new car).  Not to mention the CR-V has been the top rated small SUV from Consumer Reports for the past 5 - 6 years.  So we felt it was a sensible and informed purchase.

Apparently, now is the time to buy a new car (a few of my friends have already jumped on the car purchasing wagon).  The auto industry is just dying to get rid of these things and offering crazy deals I haven't seen since the post September 11th recession. 

In case you were wondering, Dave and I have been discussing a new car for a while.  Two things tipped our decision in favor of the purchase:  his car died (oaky, the main reason) and the crazy car deals.

Our favorite interior feature is the double-decker storage shelf that let's Dave put his golf clubs in the back and still have room for groceries, etc.  By the way, this is Dave's new car, not mine; though he tells me I'll drive it when the babies come (imagine a stroller in place of the golf clubs).

So, does this officially put us in some new parental category?


Amanda said...

verrrrry cool trunk!

Zoo Keeper said...

Nice!! we too took advantage of the car deals. I got rid of gertie (explorer) and got a jeep grand cherokee. But the SUV is for dogs, not babies... ; )

Zoo Keeper said...

oh yeah.. forgot you already knew about the jeep.. you told David and I to fornicate in it...

saad aamir said...

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