Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh GAP, Don't Fail Me Now!

I've been eagerly awaiting my online Gap Maternity purchase (2 pair of jeans).  So, when our 'guard dogs' started barking by the front door yesterday, I assumed my purchases were waiting on the other side.

I was correct.  Excitedly I grabbed the package, ripped it open, ran to the full length mirror and tried on my new jeans.  The first pair were way too big.    I ordered my normal pre-pregnancy GAP size, just like the website suggested (weird).  No worries, I still have another pair to try on.  Second pair, fit in the hips and waist but was definitely NOT long.  The tags said long, but I measured the inseam at 30", not the expected 34" (really people, is it possible to receive not one but two miss sized jeans?).

At this point I am thoroughly depressed.  I've now purchased 4 pair of maternity jeans, returned 1 pair, kept 1 pair (because it was a final sale and somewhat fit) and now forced to return 2 more pairs.  Should maternity shopping be this difficult!?!

Anyway, I called GAP's customer service (on the verge of tears no less) and started the exchange process.  The representative was amazing.  She gave me free shipping on my first order and second order, and one pair of the jeans just went on sales so she credited my account.  She even expedited the second order for tomorrow delivery.  

In the event you might think I'm overreacting about the fit of my GAP jeans, I graciously allowed Dave to photograph yesterday's monumental disappointment:

Exhibit A

Had to hold them up or this would have become a truly tasteless photo.

Exhibit B

Yes, sadly even Lavender was just as fascinated by my high-waters as the laughing man behind the camera.


Amanda said...

ACK!! I almost cried at the horrible story. Thank goodness Gap redeemed itself (so far). Be sure to try different type waists to see which you like best and HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!

Zoo Keeper said...

Why do I know so many "tall" people??!! Ahhhh!!! How did I get stuck with short legs??!! I'm so jealous! (ok, so I really do fit into regulars, I just like being dramatic.)

I never buy jeans. Last time I LITERALLY tried on 48 or 49 pair to buy TWO! It's the same 2 I'm still wearing (12 months later...) and the only 2 I own. really. sad, isn't it. I hate clothes shopping....