Friday, January 9, 2009

Mistaken, Mistaken Identities

Yesterday I spent time searching the web for cool boy names to give Baby Wizard a chance at a decent life.  I made a list and emailed it to Dave.  When he got home I waited patiently for him to bring up his top choices.  

By bedtime I grew tired of waiting and asked him about the email.  He claimed not getting it, (and since I'm perfect and never make mistakes) I told him he was wrong and needed to recheck his inbox.  

Then something dawned on me . . . what if I didn't actually send this email to Dave but to someone else by accident (like his identical twin brother, Dan).  I ran to the computer and looked at my emails . . . yup, I accidentally sent it to Dan.

Apparently I wrote a very simple and generic message never saying 'Dear Dave' (and thankfully not saying 'I love you, honey' etc.).  So Dan started looking through the names and picked out his 'top five' like the email requested.  Anyway, Dave called him, they laughed at my expense and Dan weighed in on what was suppose to be a private 'mommy/daddy' conversation.  

In my defense, I wasn't the only one to mistake Dave and Dan yesterday.  Both boys are having outpatient surgery later this month at the same location (different procedures).  A nurse called Dave yesterday trying to confirm Dan's surgery date.  So, HA!  I wasn't the only one.  It's tough sometimes being married to an identical twin (that's why I so want Baby Nugget to be a little girl, even if both babies are fraternal).


Zoo Keeper said...

Yowzers! If I were an identical twin have surgery at the same place, in the same month as my twin I'd make sure as hell to quadruple check they have things straight!!! I don't care how simple the procedure. I mean geez! A vasectomy is a "simple" procedure but if one is planning on having it and the other is just planning a mole removal - WHOA DOGGIE!!

Amanda said...

Totally agree. I'd me marking him up with a sharpie. Maybe... *Surgery HERE* and *do not touch* for good measure.

Dave K. said...

I'm so disappointed, I thought they were going to be named Wizard and Nugget Donovan. I wanted to be able to say "Hey Wiz, stop pulling Nuggie's hair. It's not nice."