Friday, January 2, 2009

Maternity Buyer Beware

My big sis came home for the holidays bearing gifts of maternity clothing from her pregnancy (hallelujah!).  She also talked me into going maternity shopping (already having trouble fitting into my regular pants).  

We went to Destination Maternity (a 3 - 1 maternity store).  Best part was trying on the belly bump pad.  Since I'm carrying twins I was advised to try on the 9 month bump to see what I would look like at 7 months.  Here's a glimpse.

Unfortunately my ultimate dilemma is finding reasonably affordable maternity jeans with a 34" inseam.  The cheaper maternity fashion called Motherhood did not fit (saddening cause their jeans were $24).  The middle range, Mimi Maternity, jeans fit nicely (but were $118).  

I made the mistake of purchasing the Mimi jeans at Destination Maternity before finding a GAP maternity in town.  GAP maternity is my new fav pregger place.  I've always found nirvana at GAP (not to mention their maternity jeans start at $68).  

Apparently Destination Maternity does not offer cash refunds (only exchanges or merchandise credits) on regular price purchases.  This posed a small problem for me since I wanted to return my $118 dollar jeans from some $68 GAP ones.  Here's my conversation with the store clerk:
ME:  I'd like to return these jeans.

CLERK:  We don't offer returns only merchandise credits and exchanges.

ME:  I didn't know that.  I was told I had 10 days from date of purchase to return or exchange, there was no mention of merchandise credits.

CLERK:  Well we've had this policy for 10 years.  

(oh you poor simple hourly worker, don't ever tell a hungry pregnant lady something this ridiculous)

ME:  I'm sure you have, but this is my first pregnancy and my first time shopping in your store.  

(a 10 second silent battle of wills begins)

CLERK:  Let me get my manager.

MANAGER:  Well, we train our clerks to clearly state the policy at the end of every sale.

ME:  Yes, I was told all sales were final on clearance items and I had 10 days to return or exchange new items.  There was no mention of not receiving a full cash refund. 

 (feeling redundant, but there is a $118 at stake)

MANAGER:  Let me talk to the store manager.

MANAGER:  Okay, we can do the cash refund, but it will come up in the system as a return due to medical reasons.  Are you okay with that?

ME:  Yes.  Thank you.

MANAGER:  Would you like an orange juice before you leave?
Look honey!  My stubbornness kinda saved us some future money (I did end up buying 2 pairs of GAP jeans for the price of one pair of Mimi jeans).

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Amanda said...

YAY!! Through the first few lines I was thinking gapmaternitygapmaternity...LOVE GAP MATERNITY!! LONG.

So proud of you for getting your refund. Looking great!