Monday, January 19, 2009

Hitting The Mother Load (wait, make that) Lode

I spent last week in Austin, TX visiting my dear friend Shannon while Dave was on business in China. Let's just say I was spoiled rotten! She called various maternity stores asking if they sold Tall pants (she obviously reads this blog), purchased a ton of water and fruit for me to consume, and refused to let me lift heavy things or do anything strenuous (felt like a princess).

While in TX we did some registry shopping (the right left corner of BabiesRUS scares me . . . nipple shields, breast pumps, etc.), thankfully Shannon helped guide me through those aisles. She also pulled down all her old maternity clothes, baby gear and baby boy clothing for me to rummage through (there we are surrounded by everything I shipped back to NC).

I totally scored in the hand-me-down department! Baby Wiz is already set with a full 0 - 3 month wardrobe. Trust me, it felt wonderful to know at least one of the babies will wear something other than a diaper.


Zoo Keeper said...

score! I LOVE free stuff! It's a wonder I'm not a horder - I think I'd take free baby clothes just cuz they were free - even though I don't have kids!!

Amanda said...

Um. I think its "mother lode" not load. :)

If you are going to be a teacher (by profession or mommyhood), I thought you should know. :):):)


emily said...

thanks amanda. the wiki lesson was very informative.

Shannon said...

More free stuff to come. Missing you already!