Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 3: Embryo Update

We got a call from the embryologist this morning with a report on the developmental progress of our embryos.  On Day 3 they typically like to see 6 - 8 cells in an embryo.  Here's what our flock is up to:
  • 1 embryo has 2 cells
  • 1 embryo has 3 cells
  • 1 embryo has 4 cells
  • 2 embryos have 5 cells
  • 2 embryos have 7 cells
  • 3 embryos have 8 cells
  • 2 embryos have 9 cells
These are good numbers, we've got 7 embryos growing on target.  Later today the clinic will call back to give us a time on Monday for transfer.  Dr. Skywalker will pick the strongest 2 embryos from the group.  

As for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, I'm doing alright.  I show some symptoms in the evening like severe abdominal bloating, weight gain and shortness of breath.  However, I am still able to pee and by morning my weight is back to normal (the nurse did say evenings would be the worst).

Last night we started the daily progesterone injections (the one's Dave gives with the bigger needle into my backside).  It wasn't so bad, we were told to put some ice on the area to numb it (worked like a charm) and then use a heating pad to relieve the soreness (sitting on one right now).

This weekend we plan on carving pumpkins and drinking apple cider.  The goal is to get me out of the house (assuming my energy level cooperates) before I'm stuck on two full days of bed rest.


Amanda said...

Good numbers!!

Sarah said...

Wow! This is great news. Keep up the positive outlook. I'm sending you prayer and good vibes all around. xo