Tuesday, January 5, 2010

6 Months Update

If anyone knows how to stop time, please see me. The babies are absolutely wonderful right now, they laugh, smile, and barely move around. I know all is about to change in a few short months when they learn to crawl, climb, poke, prod (strangle, choke, break, pull, terrorize, etc.).

Here we are at the doctor's office waiting for 'Baby Torture Part Trois'

Mirabelle produces enough ear wax to start a small candle company (per the doctor . . . we see him specifically for his humor). He had to use some strange blue stick to scrap the crap out of her ear in order to see her ear drum. I've been assured the excess amount is purely genetic (she got that from her Daddy) and no cause for concern.

Finn is officially on anti-reflux medication (praise the Lord, my new carpets were on the verge of ruin; and yes, I understand that is the lesser concern . . . but still a concern). His ear infection has improved; now all that's left is an abundance of nasty diapers courtesy of the antibiotics.

Baby Stats:

weight: 15 lbs 8 oz
height: 28 in.
cuteness: infinite

weight: 14 lbs. 11 oz.
height: 27.5 in.
cuteness: indescribable

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Zoo Keeper said...

I see why you chose that doc. That is pretty funny!