Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rollin' In My 5.0 With My Rag-Top Down So My Hair Can Blow . . .

Tried something new with the twins today.  Now that they are 'almost' sitting unsupported we left the car seats in the car and tried the kiddie shopping cart.  It was a huge success.  

Half our shopping trip was spent letting every AARP member on the planet (who seem to regularly grocery shop between the hours of 11a - 1p) stop and smile at the babies.  Finn got a bit spooked by the well-wishers, he'd just woken up from a nice nap on the ride to the store (he calmed down by the canned soup aisle).

At one point, both Finn and Belle had their hands on the steering wheels in front of them and I'm almost certain they thought they were steering the cart (I do have exceptional children, even if Mirabelle's preferred chew toy is her own foot).

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Zoo Keeper said...

Ha! Belle looks like she has a static faux-hawk!!

That's great!