Sunday, January 24, 2010

Surprise Visitors!

We got awesome news Saturday morning.  My folks decided to come for a quick visit to see the babies and let Dave and I go the movies.  We know for a fact Finn and Belle loved seeing Omama and Poopy mainly because they kept waking up while Dave and I were at the movies.

Folks, our babies regularly sleep through the night (barring any ear infections, colds, tummy troubles, teething, new milestones accomplished, etc.).  The fact they woke up ONLY while we were at the movies is a clear sign they were excited Omama and Poopy were in the house (of course, one can only assume it was the grandbabies doing the waking up and not the grandparents deviantly sneaking extra cuddle time).

In case you're wondering, Dave and I attempted to see Avatar in 3D (along with the rest of the population).  Apparently waiting three weeks after the premier is not long enough to avoid 'sold out' mayhem.  We saw Sherlock Holmes instead (great movies).

Thanks Omama and Poopy for coming to visit and offering us free babysitting.  We really enjoyed your visit!!

1 comment:

Zoo Keeper said...

You're right - I'm SURE the babies were excited to see them and not that your parents were keeping them up ; )

I'll tell you right now - if I ever get the chance to babysit for you I will keep them up on purpose.