Monday, January 4, 2010

A Culinary Wonderland

The babies were getting bored with the existing rotation of strained, pureed flavors (one can only tolerate so many peas and carrots). Therefore, over the holidays we introduced a variety of new food choices like Turkey and Rice, Vegetables and Beef, Chicken Noodle and Summer Squash with Harvest Apples.

So far, so good. Finn's a more amiable eater than Belle. She'll eat most anything as long as you reminder her it tastes good (so trusting). Finn loves it all, unless he's tired or sick (both the case over the weekend . . . our first ear infection).

We now have two high chairs (thanks Oma-ma!!) which makes mealtime, fun time. Until the twins learn to feed themselves, they'll still have to wait their turn, but it's not too bad. One practices with finger foods, plays with a spoon or tries to use a sippy cup while I feed the other.

I must also thank Lavender and Bailey for being so helpful during mealtime. They faithfully volunteer everyday for clean up duty.

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Zoo Keeper said...

Ha! I don't mop the kitchen floor. Why bother?? Dogs have it taken care of! ; )