Sunday, January 24, 2010

Learning To Swim

We retired the baby bath tub this week and started bath time in the big tub.  The babies LOVE it.  'Someone' thinks we should increase the bath water each night until the tub is full--in an effort to teach the babies to swim by Spring . . . I'll let this 'Someone' test the theory on her own children first.

Keeping true to her fascination with bright, shiny objects, Lady Belle was dazzled by the chrome drain and faucet (NOTE TO FUTURE SUITORS:  Mirabelle was born this way.  As her parents, we take no responsibility for her love of all things bright and shiny).

By the way, big tub bath time is way better than infant tub time.  For starters, we can bathe both babies at the same time and let them play with bath toys.  Once they are sitting with better control we'll consider introducing bubbles (I know, let's not get too crazy).