Sunday, August 23, 2009

The 'Fertility' Gang

The babies got to meet more of their 'Aunties' this weekend. My girlfriends, whom I've known since junior high, came to visit. For some reason we called our circle of friends 'the gang' (I know, very original).

Our new name should be 'the fertility gang'. In the past year we've all either had babies or gotten pregnant! Finn and Belle had a blast meeting Cullen for the first time and getting a thousand kisses from Meighan (whose due in January).

On Thursday the twins went for a walk on the beach and watched all the surfers catch waves. Mirabelle was very intrigued by everything. Finn was a little grumpy (already starting to take after his Papa).

On Friday they had their little feet painted for footprints. Then went to high tea at the Wilmington Tea Room. Finn had his first public diaper change and gave an encore 'pee' performance in between diaper replacement (already exhibiting Daddy's sense of twisted humor).

It was a wonderful visit! Hopefully there will be many more in the future. Finn and Belle have decided Meighan and her belly should move back to the South so everyone can play together more often.

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Amanda said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!! Those babies are so lucky to have such hot mamas!!

Em's arms are going to be SLAMMIN after months of lugging those babes.