Wednesday, November 26, 2008

7 Weeks Update

Weight:  +5 lbs. (pre-pregnancy weight)
Fitness:  10 mins. of pre-natal yoga DVD (it's a start)
Food Cravings:  Cheez Whiz (seem to be getting my appetite back)
Sleep Count:  10 hrs. nightly, 3 hrs. afternoon nap

I like this picture better than the 6 weeks one.  Looks more like a human forming in my belly.  I'm slowly learning how to handle the all-day queasiness (last week was rough).  As for the fact we are having twins. . . well, rational Emily is supremely thrilled (irrational Emily is shaking in her boots)!

Dave is being awesome!  On Monday he said his next car should probably be some family-oriented SUV.  If you know my husband, than you know how amazing this statement really is (he loves high performance sports cars).   Additionally, he puts up with my new found hypochondriac behavior ('Is that meat thoroughly cooked?', 'Did you wash your hands before preparing the shot?', etc).  

Happy Thanksgiving folks!!!  


Zoo Keeper said...

twins... hell I'M still in (happy) shock and I'm not the one pregnant!!! : ) very happy for you!!!

Happy Turkey Day!!

Dave K. said...

Happy Thanksgiving Em. Hey in twilight, the place where prom was held... that's where we're getting married, and the view from up in the big tree.. that's the view from the place. Now I know you'll come :)

Amanda said...

Much cuter picture. Your babies are getting more adorable every day!! Looking forward to sonogram!