Thursday, February 12, 2009

18 Weeks Update

Per the website,, Wiz and Nug are each approximately the size of a bell pepper.  I, however, am the size of a watermelon (this does not bode well for future weeks).  When the babies are the size of watermelons will I be the size of a spare tire?

In other pregnancy related news.  I'm starting to experience the persistent heartburn syndrome.  Apparently my digestive system is slowing down to grab as many nutrients as possible from the foods I eat. This causes a back-up in my stomach which can lead to acid reflux.  It makes restful sleep difficult at night, since sleeping in a semi-seated position puts a ton of pressure on the hips.  I've also been dealing with pregnancy-induced sinus issues.  A condition the pregnancy books say only improve after the babies are born (Yea! pregnancy books, thanks for the encouraging words).  

On the bright side, I seem to be having a relatively healthy pregnancy and really can't complain about a few minor discomforts.  I go in next week for the big anatomy ultrasound (finally).  Since I can't feel them kicking yet I'd at least like to see them dancing around on some LCD monitor for a few minutes (I completely understand why Tom Cruise bought his own ultrasound machine, it is rather addicting).

Apologies for the lapse in posts.  Dave and I flew to Albany, NY last week for a small family emergency.  My father-in-law was hospitalized unexpectedly, however he's now recovering and should be better in a few weeks (I've had my fill of hospitals this month).

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Zoo Keeper said...

I almost chastized you for being in Albany (which is WAY too close to me) and not calling so I could come see you and touch your melon-belly. But then when I read it was for an emergency I quickly shut up (the whole conversation taking place in my Julie-world, of course...) Glad to hear that he's recovering.

I have a preggers/ medical question for ya: what happens if one already has terrible acid reflux and isn't preggers?? (as in, already on medication....) What happens if they become preggers?? Lemme guess- you calling Kammer on this one? ; )