Monday, February 16, 2009

Total Recall

Apparently peanut butter products are not the only things getting recalled in my little world.  Went to the pharmacy to pick up my prenatal vitamin prescription only to find there was a voluntary recall on the vitamins my doctor prescribed.  I'm not too worried (only took them for a month), previously I took some general prenatal off the grocery shelf.  

In an attempt to find out just why my vitamins were recalled (making sure Wiz and Nug end up with the right amount of body parts in the correct places, etc.) I did a Google search (the official 8th wonder of the world).  My search cranked a page worth of online message board comments (come one Google, don't fail me now).  Finally, I found a press release that confirmed the recall as voluntary but gave no further explanation.  Looks like the world may never know why PrimaCare One was recalled.  There's no love loss on my end, they were pretty expensive even with a co-pay.  

In other news, if you've been bored enough to watch our fertility calendar regularly, then you've noticed the anatomy scan date keeps changing.  Finally, we are confirmed to do the scan tomorrow morning!  Can't wait.  Will have wonderful pictures to share!


Amanda said...

Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Rainbow Light vitamins and felt great taking them while pregnant. I found the brand at Whole Foods, but I've since seen them in conventional grocery stores. Also, take a DHA fish oil pill. Studies show great benefits to health and brain development.