Monday, February 23, 2009

The Swedish Invasion

If you felt inexplicably happier and more hopeful late last week it's probably because IKEA opened a new store here in the US.  Last Wednesday Charlotte became the proud owner of a brand new shiny IKEA (opened just in time for me to move four hours away from it).  The local news reported people camping out in front of the store three days before its big grand opening (I have no idea why).  

Tonight we finally decided to brave the madness and fill up on some Swedish meatballs and cheap Euro-style furniture.  The meatballs were yummy.  The furniture was cute (too bad we don't need any of it at the moment).  Apparently we weren't the only pregnant couple scouting out the new IKEA.  I counted approximately six or seven bulging bellies as we wandered the store.  

Oh Charlotte, you make it difficult to say goodbye.  Unless global warming puts the Atlantic Ocean within 10 miles of your fair city in the next 30 days, I must confess a simple IKEA will not keep me from the coastal lifestyle that awaits in historical (and yet unvisited by yours truly) Wilmington, NC.

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