Tuesday, February 24, 2009

20 Weeks Update

We've made it to the halfway point!  My belly is getting bigger, but then so is everything else.  I do feel kicking, mainly at night right before bed.  Dave can't feel the kicks yet (not for trying).  

Here's a picture with a silly 'twins' tank top I couldn't resist buying a few months ago.  I showed the tank to Dave when I got it and for some reason it confused him.  He thought it was referencing a different set of twins (thanks sweetie, for thinking of them too).  

This is a big week for Clan Donovan.  We officially put our house on the dismal housing market this Thursday.  It will be our first time selling a house and we're going to need a bit of pixie dust, magic fairy wings (sorry PETA), and some Hummer-sized luck to get this house sold at a fair price.

Wish us luck!


Amanda said...

That was the FIRST THING I thought TOO!! I'm glad I'm not the only perve around. But, I enjoy the double entendre nonetheless... :)

Lookin HOT sister!!

Zoo Keeper said...

If it's any consolation - I just read an article (as in 3 seconds ago - it was posted 5 minutes ago) that Charlotte is #3 of the top 5 housing markets in the US right now!!!

I think you should hide a small garden gnome somewhere fun (like by the backdoor or something, hangin' off the downspout...)to increase your chances. Just for giggles...