Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Miss Spoiled Rotten

Earlier this week the realtor rearranged our living room furniture.  Previously we had a chaise lounge (aka Lavender's dog bed, formerly known as my reading chair) sitting by the front window.  Lavender likes to spend her days/nights, perched atop said seat, guarding our front property by barking at feral cats, squirrels, strangers, leaves blowing on the lawn, really anything that disturbs her (we've yet to find a logical pattern).

The chaise lounge is no longer by the front window, but against a wall devoid of any view (as shown in the above picture . . . clearly this borders on animal cruelty in Lavender's mind).  In its former place is our lovely (no dogs allowed) leather sofa.  

Unfortunately, our realtor failed to consult Lavender about the new seating arrangement.  I've now spent the majority of the week playing a game called 'No. Off.'  with the big sweetie.  I am determined to win this battle of wills (regardless of how adorably comfortable she looks when caught red-handed).

PS:  I am fully aware that my husband will assume this post is about me based solely on the title.  

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Zoo Keeper said...

I have a solution - place dog blanket (I'm assuming you have one) on said no-dogs-allowed-leather sofa for Lavender. Remove prior to showing house. (let realtor in on secret... especially if said dog blanket is a bit "questionable" and might require her removal assistance on occasion.)

You're a dog owner - you know you'll never win this battle. Of course it could just be me - I can't train a dog to save my life... I've given in a placed a dog blanket on the bed to cover the "you spent how much on the bed spread??!!" That was my solution...