Tuesday, April 13, 2010

9 Months Update

'I have NO idea what all the complaining is about, this sh*t is EASY,' said the obnoxious husband upon my return from a weekend away.  I'd say he really missed me.

Right before I left town we visited the pediatrician for the babies' nine month well visit.  After 14 straight days of gunk in the elephant trunk, Mirabelle was diagnosed with a sinus infection (Finn's a little jealous she's the one getting the antibotics).

Don't worry, Finn's still logging some good mileage with the doctors.  In fact, he's scheduled to see a dermatologist in a couple of weeks.  He's got a birthmark on his back the size of a leach (looks like one too).  Our doctor wants a specialist to look at it and decide if it should stay or go (the real question is if it's removed does it go into his scrapbook?).


Weight:  18 lb. 2 oz
Height:  29 inches

Mirabelle loves to eat cinnamon raisin toast, sand and we've caught her trying dog food.  She also loves crawling, screeching and chasing Lavender around the house.


Weight:  17 lbs 13.5 oz.
Height:  30.5

Finn loves food of all kind and it loves him back.  He's offically crawling, pulling himself to standing and will run his first marathon this summer.  Apparently he can hold his own at a bar (or so I hear, I was out of town).


Zoo Keeper said...

If I were you I'd tell Dave to stuff it! ; ) Leave it to dads to have the kids be "easy". The babies inherently knew he couldn't handle it so they went easy on him. I'm sure that's it!!

Katie Mathews Photography said...

I'm lovin that pic of Mirabelle! Finn's cute too of course :) Speaking of which...we need to do some new pics before they can RUN! haha

WanderingGirl said...

And Mirabelle would like to point out that her superior weight rating just points out that you STILL love her more... and is clearly the reason Finn is advancing in this "pre-ambulation" stuff faster than she is. You know, because all that love is weighing her down.

End of PSA.