Monday, April 26, 2010

Sun Babe-ing

Last week on the way out of town I saw the most beautiful words posted on a sign near the entrance to our community:


See folks, exactly one year ago this month I waddled my way through empty house after terribly decorated house in hopes of finding the perfect place to raise Wiz & Nug.  We settled on a lovely home in a relatively new community complete with neighborhood pool.

Thus began a series of daydreams involving Mommy sipping something refreshing while sunbathing by the kiddie pool as my perfect little angels played independently (and quietly) in the pool.  Strangely, in every fantasy we were the only family enjoying the kiddie pool.

So, today we (mostly me, but I like to let the babies think they have a say every once in a while) put on some Huggies Little Swimmers and made our way to the pool.

Unfortunately the kiddie pool is closed for repairs (never a part of my daydreams).  Apparently last season some parents dragged pool chairs into the kiddie pool and scratched the bottom of the pool causing repair work.

Folks, if you've ever been a stay at home parent, or married to one, then you know there is a fragile balance between good and bad days.  All it takes is one small road block to set in motion the world's most catastrophic day imaginable (and that's exactly what they feel like).

But I'm a mother of twins, so I wake up with incredibly low expectations on a daily basis.  The kiddie pool news did not phase me.  I live near a beach and just put my babies in cool new swim diapers that begged for some test driving.  We were going to give these 'suckers' a whirl no matter the cost (Hee Hee. Get it? Suckers, as in water sucking diapers).

However, I was phased when I took Lady Belle out of her car seat and noticed a bizarre wetness on her bottom and the car seat with the suspicious smell of pee lingering in the air.  Really!?!  I know they're suppose to keep water out of the diaper, but pee as well (huge design flaw).  Anyone interested in 10 Huggies Little Swimmer diapers in size S/P that may (most likely not) work?

In an effort to salvage the day, we switched back to 'normal' diapers and put on some hand-me-down swimsuits with built-in diaper shields; then headed to the beach (never closed for repairs . . . unless you currently live along the Gulf Coast).

Despite the gale force winds, swirling sands and arctic chill in the surf the babies seemed to tolerate the experience.  More importantly, the built-in diaper shields rocked!  Which is for the best, no need to purchase special diapers all summer.


Zoo Keeper said...

Too bad the swim diapers didn't work. You're rght - HUGE design flaw. Shame on those engineers!!!

Anonymous said...

No actual swim diapers (either the reusable or the disposable kind) are designed to hold liquid. If they were, they'd absorb the contents of the pool/ocean and be useless anyway. They're designed to keep solid waste out of the water, but they shouldn't be put on until you actually arrive at the pool/beach/whatever. It's pretty common knowledge. I don't even have kids....