Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Shout Out For Shout

I'm in love with a new-to-me product, it's called Shout Advanced Gel and it's worth every penny (really, it's only $3.50). It probably uses 25 different toxic cleaning agents known to cause skin cancer but I could care less because it works like magic.

Finn came in contact with some spaghetti recently (spaghetti won); casualties included a brand new shortall which perfectly matched one of Mirabelle's dresses.  Folks, if you have boy/girl twins (I've just limited my reading audience to zero) then you KNOW how difficult it is to find coordinating outfits. 

I was prepared to spend as much as I paid on the outfit ($5.44 at Sam's Club), so imagine my surprise when this little blue bottle filled with hopes and dreams actually worked.

The label said it worked on 'set-in stains' and we all know product labels never lie. It took two wash cycles, but in the end, the defeated garment was spotless. I'm not alone on this one, Good Housekeeping gave it a Good Buy Award in 2008.

Finn stunned by the power of Oma-ma's spaghetti


Zoo Keeper said...

OMG - what do you put in that poor kid's sauce?!?! He looks like he got hold of a fat one!

Amanda said...

I'm in. Its on my next grocery list. :) LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!! I've been a blog-reading-slacker. :( xoxox

debbie phillips said...

I love following your blog... I am also the proud mother of boy/girl twins (11 months old now) and find your posts to be so true! I'll have to try the shout spray next time...
Debbie (Allison's sister in-law)