Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daddy Day Care

It was Quinn's senior prom this past weekend, which meant a trip to Flo-town to prepare for the grand event.  Dave decided to stay behind and watch the babies (let me repeat that):  DAVE STAYED BEHIND TO WATCH THE BABIES!!!

Of course what does this really mean?  The stars aligned and both babies turned into 'Angel Babies' all weekend long.  On Saturday, they decided to sleep in (first time, mind you) and took  two extended naps.  Oh, and the conspiracy continued with some ridiculously cute behavior this morning, both decided to greet Daddy by standing up in their cribs (another first).

Honestly, I can't complain.  For most of their lives I've been the lucky one to witness new and exciting 'first's' while Daddy is at work.  I think all involved had a wonderful weekend.  Dave was even sweet enough to take pictures of the crib standing.

Here's some of what I missed:

Finn clearly loves the view from here.

Mirabelle will not be overshadowed . . .

Time to baby proof the kitchen . . . 

Mirabelle loves to watch the doggies.


Shannon said...

It always happens this way but don't worry - you'll be there the first time they decide to climb out of their crib! Glad Dave had a good weekend and you got some YOU time!

guan00 said...

Great Daddy! Hope you had a nice weekend with the family. :)