Monday, October 19, 2009

Twin Packing List

We took the babies on their first overnight adventure (a two hour car ride to my hometown for their baptism). Here's my recommended packing list:

9 different packed bags full of redundant items (check)
7 adults on hand during transit with 5 waiting at final destination (check)
2 adorable baptism outfits and 3 equally adorable back-up outfits on reserve (check)
1 ridiculously cute pair of black patent leather baby shoes for your favorite daughter (check)
4 receiving blankets, 3 of which your husband will misplace within the first hour (check)
1 week's worth of diapers on reserve . . . never used (check)
7 adults, 2 babies, 4 dogs, and 2 sets of golf clubs packed into 4 cars (check)
11 cell phones employed for events coordination (check)
a reality TV show's worth of recording equipment to document the 10 minute ceremony (check)
1 disgruntled uncle (check)
1 incredible friend (my Shannon) to keep you grounded during the bevy of activities (check)

The adventure was a success! Our babies were sprinkled with holy water, blessed by family and friends and in bed by 8p.


Amanda said...


Zoo Keeper said...

That's a GREAT list!!! Better over prepared than under!!

Lily said...

whos the guy in the middle in the very back? is that chevy chase?

Meig said...