Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holy Tap Water, Batman!

During the baptism a glass beaker filled with water was blessed by the minister and poured into a basin. Then the water was sprinkled on Finn and Belle's head (no tears, they love bath time and strangers).

But where exactly did this water come from? Is it tap water (from the kitchen or bathroom . . . I'd prefer the kitchen for some reason)? Bottled water (which begs the question natural spring or purified and was it bottled by the Methodist church or bought at Wal-mart)? Or perhaps river water (maybe 80 years ago, but highly unlikely in today's modern society)?

Surely it doesn't matter, but as the minister magically created holy water from a beaker full of unholy (I've decided tap) water, I couldn't help but fixate on this critical internal debate (that and regret not getting Finn a pair of adorably useless shoes for the occasion).

All joking aside, the baptism was wonderful and meaningful. The minister asked if Dave and I wanted to stand at the front by ourselves or with our family. Easy question. We wanted our families to stand behind us. See folks, we haven't been raising these pups on our own (it's been a huge group effort).

A thousand 'thank you's to everyone for coming and supporting Clan Donovan. For those who couldn't make it, we know you were there in spirit.

Here's some more pics from the big weekend.

twins holding twins

disgruntled uncles

Me & Mirabelle's Godmother

My Family

Mirabelle at lunch after baptism

Amazing friends

Finn's Godparents

Finn at lunch after baptism

Dave's Family

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MadHatter said...

I saw your babies pics up at the church (my kids go to afterschool there). Very sweet (and cute).