Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Days Like These

The universe is righting itself once again. Everyone who said I'd finally get some sleep in October was right. Those who prophesied a much easier life by month 3 to 4 . . . right again.

Sunday was a wonderfully laid back day (yes, the newly minted twin mom actually described a day as 'laid back'). Daddy took the babies outside to watch him assemble some front porch rockers. Then Mommy joined the fun and attempted to (unsuccessfully) paint some pumpkins.

Here's a picture of everyone chillin' in the garage. It was a perfect day!

[Correction: a perfect day would be sitting on the front porch instead of the junky garage, drinking lemonade rather than Magic Hat, and wearing tastefully coordinating outfits.]

[Disclaimer: Sleep and laid-backness has only been achievable due to an extended visit from Nana and Pap-Pap.]

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Amanda said...

So glad to hear it. Life is good!