Monday, October 12, 2009

Are You My Mommy & Daddy?

Maybe all new mothers feel a little bewilderment when they see their baby (or babies) for the first time. I felt bewilderment (wow, there really were two babies in my belly!!), relief (I can eat lots and lots of sugar again!!) and uncertainty (those babies are cute, are we sure they're mine?).

Is the uncertainty something only IVF mothers feel? For those of you living under rocks, the media recently reported an IVF couple implanted with the wrong embryo. The couple opted to deliver the baby and give it to the biological parents (here's hoping they asked for millions in emotional and psychological compensation). Click here to read the story.

Recently I had both families do some digging and send us baby pics of Dave and I. Finn's a keeper (he looked like adult Dave from the beginning). Mirabelle (maybe there's a little bit of me there) who knows. Regardless, if anyone comes knocking, we're still keeping her (at least until the GAP casting call contest is over . . . you are still voting, right?).

Your turn to weigh in. Here's some embarrassing baby pics of Dave and I. Let us know if you see any family resemblances.

Dan & Dave 2 weeks old

Dave 12 months old-ish

Emily 2 weeks old

Emily 8 months old-ish

Finn 2 months old

Mirabelle 2 weeks old

Mirabelle & Finn 2 days old


Lily said...

the photo of you at 2 weeks looks JUST like mirabelle! that is crazy! i

Zoo Keeper said...

No question. They both definitely belong to you guys!!!!