Sunday, October 4, 2009

Promote Good Self Esteem, Vote For My Babies!

Gap is doing their annual 'GAP Casting Call' contest. Basically, you enter a photo of your baby and GAP will decide if he/she (or it) is cute enough to promote GAP Baby clothing. The winning baby will get photographed for GAP ads running next February.

There is also a 'Fan Favorite' contest. Each day you visit GAP's casting call promotional site and vote for your favorite entry. Of course I've entered both Finn and Belle in the contest. Now it's up to you (my three or four faithful readers) to boost Lady Belle and Mr. Finn's self esteem by voting for them at least once a day for the next month (don't let the cute Asian looking kids win).

To vote for Finn and Belle click here. FYI: you will have to register with GAP to place a vote. I can't imagine why this would be a problem for anyone (surely, you'd hate Finn and Belle to think you didn't love them enough to register . . . or remember to vote on a daily basis).

While you're voting, you might as well vote for these handsome men (Finn and Belle's soon to be BFFs . . . they just don't know it yet). Click here to vote for Max & Ollie.

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Zoo Keeper said...

I'm voting!! But if I start getting Disney junk email/ mail I'm blaiming you... ; )