Monday, October 5, 2009

The Family That Eats Together . . .

Saturday morning the babies tried their first spoonful of rice cereal. Most experts say wait between 4 - 6 months before introducing solids (but who cares about the experts, our babies are advanced learners).

Finn liked the experience and even ate a few spoonfuls. Mirabelle was uninterested and felt rice cereal is better used as a facial mask than food (she's convinced the stuff is good for a lady's complexion).

Here are some photos documenting the experience (video was also taken, and if you're good readers, we just might post it later this week).

Here is Lady Belle humoring the masses with a photo op after politely rejecting her evil mother's attempt at spoon feeding. For the record, Lady Belle only smiles if there is a mirror in front of her and she sees a darling little baby with cherub cheeks and beautifully intense eyes staring at her (not kidding, will video tape the blatant vanity).

Finn clearly enjoys eating, smelling and wearing rice cereal. He also likes long walks on the beach and is looking for someone with a good sense of humor and willing to wear more food than they eat.

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Zoo Keeper said...

This is funny!! I wanna see video of Belle!! Between your kids with food all over them and MadHatter trying to potty train her daughter (daughter pooped in the tub...) I remember why I'm vivariously living through you guys instead of actually having my own. I don't know if my patience would stretch as far as required to be a parent...