Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's Get Physical

Belle really isn't interested in rolling over these days (in her mind, one time for the camera was enough). She's now ready for something new like sitting up. She enjoys curling her legs up when she's on the floor and lifting her head and upper body when sitting in the bouncer, car seat, swing, my lap, etc. So I figured she'd like the view from an exersaucer (and I was right because I'm brilliant).

Finn has apparently perfected the art of rolling from back to front and front to back, though he chooses to do this trick when mommy's not around (so we pretend it never happened). He likes to kick his legs and attempt to escape his bouncer and swing. When on his tummy, he seems more interested in learning to crawl (presumably to begin breaking all our irreplaceable pottery).

So today we introduced a new toy . . . the exersaucer. Needless to say it was a sensory-overloading experience that left the twins looking more like fourth-period high school stoners than (almost) four-month old twins.

Here are eight pics (because one was not enough) from today's calorie-burning, sensory-overloading sessions in the exersaucer. (Thanks Aunt Sharon for donating this to our ever-expanding in-home baby daycare center. They really seemed to love it!).


Amanda said...

Awwww...thats the exact saucer WE borrowed!! Its so bright and intimidating at first, but so exciting as they notice and master all of the little gadgets...sigh...they're growing so fast. :)

Zoo Keeper said...

That first picture of Finn is kinda funny - it looks like you're trying to bind his arms/ hands to his side! looks more like torture than fun (just that first pic... ; )

guan00 said...

I am loving your blog Emily and checking in on your adorable family!